Livraison d’une centrale solaire à concentration au Sénégal

Livraison dernière installation de capteurs solaires à concentration Heliolight 4800, au Sénégal, près de Saint Louis.

L’idée principale est de fournir de la chaleur à de petits sites industriels isolés grâce à la fourniture d’un container intégrant l’ensemble des pièces nécessaires.

Il s’agit d’une collaboration très fructueuse entre Schneider Electric, Energie R et Helioclim, pour le compte de l’UEMOA.

3 Autres installations ont déjà été fournies au client et devraient bientôt être installées au Burkina Faso, Mali et Niger.



Continuation and ending of our latest installation, in Senegal, near Saint Louis. The installation is now fully functional!

This is a project we are very proud of!

Led by UEMOA – SABER, this project aims at providing fish farming with hot water and electricity thanks to a solar microgrid (Villaya Microgrid) including technologies and expertise from Schneider Electric, Eklor, Energie R and Helioclim.
This is the first Concentrated Solar Power installation of this kind in West Africa.
Main idea of UEMOA is to deliver power to isolated small industrial sites, combining a thermal solar part and a photovoltaic solar solution.

There are 14 Heliolight 4800 Solar troughs producing hot water.
Solar tracking is fully automatic thanks to the innovative “Heliosmart” algorithm developped by Helioclim : during night or rainy days, reflectors go automaticely in a safety position, limiting solar collector soiling. This system prevents also any risk of overheating and wind overloads.

To prevent erosion from wind and sand, only reflectors made of glass can be used, which is one the key adavantage of Helioclim solar troughs.

It’s the first installation out of a total of 4 planned (already delivered) in Burkina faso, Mali and Niger.

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